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the SOUL Project

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Welcome to this exclusive 99 Design Briefing Site.   

We are seeking the right person to make our SOUL Rum label.

Here you will find inspiration boards, mock-ups, our other brands. And a simple snapshot on the Project.

Your most welcome to Contact us for additional queries. Best of Luck with your Designs!

about SOUL

SOUL Rum is a family of Rums.

Spiced Rum - (That's why there is an image of chillies above us)

Dark Rum - in the Black bottle

Elite -- 10 Year Old rum

White Rum - for all those cocktail needs

What is the Philosophy of SOUL

 Soul is about possessing it. It is a vibe, an attitude, a distinct style, in time with the mood and in time with the beat.

One way to look at Soul is as part of us. From Northern Soul to Soul Train. We can feel it. It is the Spirit of Soul.   

U Know you want it. You can tell by the way you strut down the street, slide into that trendy bar and into the VIP 

Love. Because it's all about the love, Caring & Sharing the Love around. All night. That's right. That's how we Roll

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